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Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Melissa has been training dog professionally now for over 18 years.  She has trained thousands of dogs in everything from Basic Puppy Socialization, Beginner and Advance Obedience, Dog Sports (Agility, Flyball), Therapy and Service Dog Work, to Extreme Dog and Human Aggression.  Dogs are my profession but more important they are my passion.

As a pet dog owner, Melissa understands the stress of an untrained dog can add to the household.  She is dedicated to helping other dog owners achieve their personal goals fast and effectively.  

Melissa has worked with dogs of all ages, breeds, and behavior types and would love to work with your dog no matter the problem big or small.

As an active trainer and competitor in dog sports in many venues including obedience, rally, agility, flyball, dock dogs, splash dogs.  Melissa works year round with her own dogs on challenging exercises to fine tune their skills.  She enjoys learning about all things dog and keeps her knowledge and skills current by attending, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Melissa's training philosophy is simple.  She recognizes every dog and handler team to be unique.  Her training is designed to address these diversities.  Her goal is to devise a training program for each dog handler that fits their individual situation, to motivate the dog to learn and perform, to build confidence in both the dog and handler. She treats each dog as an active participant, a student to be taught and molded, rather than forced.  Her knowledge of animal behavior and years of experience allows her to shape the dog's behavior and enlist their willing participation in the training process.



DEMO DOG, Service Dog

Whiskey is a 7 year old Border Collie & Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  He is our full time demo dog.  He loves to work and show off all his obedience and tricks.   He loves all his jobs and works really hard to be the best he can be.  His mom jokes and says, "that his resume is longer that his moms!"  He love competes in many sports including (Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Dock Dogs, Splash dogs) along with that he is a registered Therapy Dog and Medical Alert Service Dog. 



DEMO DOG, Service Dog


Reset is a 7 year old Border Collie & Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  He is our up and coming demo dog.  He is a very intelligent and full of spunk and energy.  He always has a big smile on his face and loves to give hugs and kisses.  He is a very fast and lives to play flyball he gives 110% in everything he does. 


Demo Dog,

Ziva is a 6 year old Border Collie. She our up and coming demo Dog. She is full of energy and loves to play flyball.