We offer consult and evaluation  prior to any training to ensure you have a customized training plan specific to you and your dog needs.

This will help make certain that you are getting the exact training program you are looking for and nothing less. You and your dog will get to meet with our trainers, discuss all pertinent information, as well as gain insight and knowledge on your dogs background and current behaviors. 

Evaluations are the first step in our training process, and will run approximately 1 to 2 hours in length.  The fee is $45 and is non-refundable and will be applied to any training program you sign up for.

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Why Train Your Dog?

Many people can’t imagine life without dogs. We admire and adore them for their loyalty, unconditional affection, playful exuberance and zest for life. Nevertheless, dogs and people are very different animals. Although officially “man’s best friend,” dogs have some innocent but irksome tendencies—like jumping up to greet, barking, digging and chewing—that can make it downright difficult to live with them! To make the most of your relationship with your dog, you need to teach your companion some important skills that will help them live harmoniously in a human household.

Here at Pawsitive Connection Dog Training, we have put together a list of just a few good reasons why owners should seek professional assistance in training their dogs:

  • Build relationships

  • Keep dogs out of shelters

  • Establish manners

  • Working dog obedience (hunting, service dogs, etc)

  • Proper socialization around people & dogs

  • Cooperative living

  • Direct dogs energy into something positive

  • Develop communication skills

  • Prevent problem behaviors

  • Makes dogs more enjoyable

  • Good control

  • Participate in dog friendly sports/ events

  • Mental stimulation

  • Makes dogs trustworthy

  • Demonstrate leadership

  • Safety (for both owner and canine)

  • Necessary for physical examinations

  • Research

  • Gives dogs a job/ purpose

  • Increase mutual understanding

  • Easier to transport

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