Flyball is like drag racing for dogs! The sport is a basically a relay race between 2 teams of 4 dogs that race against each other. The first dog on each team starts the race off, running head to head over 4 hurdles that are spaced 10 feet apart, on their way to a spring-loaded box that releases a tennis ball.  

The canine athlete then catches the tennis ball, turning and racing back over the hurdles and across the finish line.  As the first dog returns, the second dog starts running. Ideally, the dogs pass nose-to-nose at the start line.  The dog is faulted if it passes too early and must run again at the end.  

Once all four dogs have completed the race without any errors, the fastest team WINS!  All Breeds and Mixes are Welcome in flyball!!!

We are always looking for a few good dogs (and people), so if you think you and your dog might enjoy this sport.


The Fun of the game includes:

  • Does your dog have too much energy?
  • Do your dogs love to run, jump, tug with a toy and loves tennis balls?
  • Does your dog need a job or an activity?

What is Flyball?

  • Spending time with your dog(s)
  • Competing as a team 
  • Traveling to variety tournament locations
  • Being able to bring your family along 
  • Socializing with other people who love their dogs as much as you do
  • Of course, there is much more to this sport, but if you love having fun with your dog, enjoy the company of other people, and want a family oriented sport, then flyball may just be the sport for you.


Intro & Beginner Flyball Classes

This class will teach the basic to flyball.  You will learn the lingo of the game, course setup and the building blocks of flyball.  This class will help you build the relationship with your dog.  Your dog will learn that YOU are the most important part of the game.  Your dog will work for praise, treats, tug, and tennis balls.  Dogs love to jump and there is four jumps in the game. Racing side-by-side while going straight to motivator.


  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations (must provide copies of records)
  • Dogs must listen to owner and have a recall
  • Dogs must have no aggression towards people or dogs
  • Dogs need to be at least 5 months of age


  • Favorite Toy (Tug Toy works best)
  • Treats LOTS of Treats!!!!!!!
  • 6 Foot Leash 
  • Collar or Harness ( no choke chains, or prong collars)
  • Water for you and your dog
  • Water bowl
  • Kennel or wire crate

New Classes start about every 6 weeks

Contact us for more information about our classes.



For more information on our Flyball Classes please contact us.

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