Our Private Lessons are customized specifically for you, your dog and your schedule.  Weather you want to work on a specific issue, behavior problems or basic-advance obedience, your dog will learn fast by training with Pawsitive Connection Dog Training.


Program goals

(on and off leash control around real life DISTRACTIONS

Come on Command (Recall)                          Loose Leash Walking                               Sit, Down, Stay, Place

Waiting at Doors and Gates                        Meeting and Greeting Dogs                        Meeting and Greeting People                

House Hold Manners                                  Manners out in Public                                 Heeling On & Off Leash

Boundary Training                                      Crate training & House training                   Separation Anxiety

Aggression Behaviors                                Submissive Behaviors                                       Unwanted Problem Behaviors

Problem behavior solving for: Jumping, Play Biting, Digging, Chewing, Barking, Counter Surfing, Begging for Food, Bolting out the door, Listening, etc.  and so much more!!!

Basic Starter

This starter program will help you get off on the right paw.  You and your pup will get private lessons in home.  Will discuss training and what your goals are.  Will talk about any problems you are having.  Will go over all the obedience commands.  To help you out you will get training equipment.  From here you can do more private lessons or jump in to group classes.

Dependable Dog

Designed with the Perfect Pet in mind.  We will cover all the obedience basic's (loose leash walking, come, sit, place, stay, leave it, out), solving and preventing problem behaviors (pulling, jumping, barking, chewing, potty training, etc), basic manners and socialization. During this program you will get 4 private lessons at home or around town (60-90 minutes).  Training equipment is included.  3 group classes to continue to work on control under distractions and socialization.  You will also get lifetime phone, text, email support to help you with any problem that may come up.  We will work with you for the results you want. 

Model Citizen

This program is for those who really want their dogs to be Rock STARS!!!  We will cover the basic commands, advanced handling skills, distance and distrations training, and start off leash obedience and control.  Will also address any behavior problem solving and prevention, socialization, and manners.  This program is 8 private lessons (at home and/or training around town).  You will get training equipment and 6 months of phone, text email support to help you along the way.