Our Private Lessons are customized specifically for you, your dog and your schedule.  Weather you want to work on a specific issue, behavior problems or basic-advance obedience, your dog will learn fast by training with Pawsitive Connection Dog Training.


Program goals (on and off leash control around real life DISTRACTIONS

Come on command                           Loose leash walking                               Waiting at doors and gates

Meeting and greeting dogs                 Meeting and greeting people                 House hold manners

Boundary Training                            Crate training & House training            Separation Anxiety

Problem behavior solving for: Jumping, Play Biting, Digging, Chewing, Barking, Counter Surfing, Begging for Food, Bolting out the door, Listening, etc. 

and so much more!!!



Designed with the Perfect Pet in mind.  We will cover all the obedience basic's (loose leash walking, come, sit, down, place, stay, leave it, out), solving and preventing problem behaviors (pulling, jumping, barking, chewing, potty training, etc), basic manners and socialization. During this program you will get 4 private lessons at home or around town (60-90 minutes).  Training equipment is included. You will also get 3 months of phone, text, email support to help you with any problem that may come up.  We will work with you for the results you want. 


This program is for those who really want their dogs to be Rock STARS!!!  We will cover the basic commands, advanced handling skills, distance and distrations training, and start off leash obedience and control.  Will also address any behavior problem solving and prevention, socialization, and manners.  This program is 8 private lessons (at home and/or training around town).  You will get training equipment and 6 months of phone, text email support to help you along the way.  


Imagine having a dog that is a joy to be around, one that responds to your every command, regardless of distractions or environments.  Now imagine having all of that, and having the work done for you.

Our Board and Train Programs are also a great jump for all dogs to get basic house manners, obedience, and specialized training.   You will have all the benefits of a professionally trained dog without all the work.  

We only accept only one dog at a time in order to ensure the highest training standards and client satisfaction.  This program is great for people that may not have a lot of time initially to train their dogs but have enough time to maintain the work that was done.



Faster Results - Training methods are dog-friendly and focus on attention and positive reinforcement.

Less Stress on You - We train your dog, saving you time and energy.  As a follow-up, you receive in-home instructions, in which you learn how to maintain your dog’s new training

Clear and Fast Learning - In addition to formal training sessions, your dog has the advantage of living with us and have his/her behavior continually and consistently shaped.

We only accept a limited number of dogs at one time, which means that your dog is guaranteed individualized attention and time

Your dog will live in a cozy home (not a cold outdoor kennel) with a trainer.  Yards are clean and comfortable, and dogs are given ample opportunities for exercise, playtime, and socialization in a safe, supervised environment.  We go out of our way to make sure your dog’s stay with us is pleasant and enjoyable. After all training should be effective and fun!

Dog Aggression Training 

Does your dog have issues with dog aggression, dog reactivity, or simply go over the top when it come to other dogs being around?  If so, this is a specially designed program may be the best option for you and your dog.  We will give you and your dogs the sills, tools, obedience, and desensitization that is necessary in order to put our back in control of these situations, This program is 8 private lessons.  Training equipment included, phone, text and email support.

Start your dog's training today!

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