Helpful and clear suggestions make training fun and useful. Melissa is always on time and trustworthy . Her tips on training my particular cattle dog has been invaluable. I highly recommend Pawsitive Connections. Worth every penny. Jenny H - March 2019 - 5 star Rating

A year has gone by since we first met Melissa and Pawsitive and Kat is still doing great, it is so nice to have a consistently well mannered dog. Thank you for all the great classes for both of us. Teri W. - March 2019 - 5 Star Rating

No one but Dave or I could even touch our rescue LEFTY, almost 50 pounds of terrified. If a dog would bark next door, he'd flee inside. Any family or friend came over and he barked a few times, then hid in the closet. He's at socialization boot camp with Melissa now and doing showing huge improvement, running and playing with other dogs with obvious dog-joy. Wendy D. - September 2018 - 5 Star Rating

We are so grateful for the time patience and love shown to us and our pup ....we are so blessed to have the opportunity of train our beloved to service or veteran daddy with such strength attention and love, development through Pawsitive Connection Dog Training 💝 Adrienne G. - August 2018 - 5 Star Rating

Amazing obedience training. Very persistent in training. Julia G. - August 2018 - 5 Star Rating

Pawsitive Connection Dog Training is always fun for the dogs as well as their handlers. My dog is still a puppy so we have our moments, but we have seen a lot of progress in his behavior. I have also seen a lot of progress in some of the other dogs who have had issues. They are now well behaved dogs. Nelda K. - August 2018 - 5 Star Rating

I contacted Melissa to help me with my newest addition to the family. Shepherd Husky mix pup who had his struggles with chewing anything that’s not his. His come, stay, leave it command was also a struggle. The time she spent with us was rewarding. I can leave him free in the house and he is just the best pup. I enjoy him being apart of my life and I know he loves life with us. I will recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and help. Thank you Melissa Paul. Jessica M. - March 2018 - 5 Star Rating

Good, solid training. Actually, I have learned more than the dog ... but, it turns out, that's a good thing! :-)         Charlotte W. - March 2018 - 5 Star Rating

 My little girl loves Melissa! She came home from a week of in-home training with new skills & a solid foundation. The continued support Pawsitive Connection Dog Training offers will ensure that I have an expert ready to help down the road if we need it. I now have the confidence that we really needed. Judy R. - March 2018 - 5 Star Rating

Sora Pattillo is just a baby schnauzer. She's barely one year old and somewhat timid. When I got her, she was scared of her own shadow. This training has given her confidence because she knows what to expect. She already sits, stays, shakes, lies down, crate trained,and potty trained. I have been able to tap into her true potential and now see her potential. Thank you Melissa Paul and Pawsitive Training. Kim P. October 2017 - 5 Star Rating

Melissa is an excellent dog trainer. Very good with all types of dogs. Also boards pets. And also trains for fly ball. Carol K. - October 2017 - 5 Star Rating

I have taken my dog for obedience training. He has vastly improved with all his basic commands and the most important to me he is learning social skills we can go in public and he is so well behaved 
I highly recommend Melissa she is great with the dogs Lisa G. - October 2017 - 5 Star Rating

Thank you for done for my neo he is such a good dog he is an adjournment to take out in town and he is going to be a service dog..... any does such a good job on an off leash. Megan U. - August 2016 - 5 Star Rating

Thought i had done this. Brought my Neo to Pawsitive Connection for training. Melissa is awesome. Neo learned a lot. He is working on becoming a service dog now, and i think he could be the poster pup for just how good and well mannered a pit can be. Thank you so much for all you have done for him and me. I couldn’t have picked a better trainer . Timm S. - August 2016 - 5 Star Rating

I'm so happy with how far my fat boy has come in training with Melissa Paul ! Not only has it been training for him but mostly me. I'm so happy that I can take my fat boy out with me anywhere and now have tools on how to handle him. And, that way now when we do family outings, MR can come too. It's been such a growth in a month but we are getting there together.. ♡ Laura A - April 2016 - 5 Star Rating

What a difference in my crazy Zeppelin!!!! Rhonda C. - March 2016 - 5 Star Rating

Melissa gives a 110% to your dogs. Love how my dog is behaving Thank you Nancy G. - Ocotber 2015 - 5 Star Rating

Great trainer, She can help your dog with any issue.  This is a great place to have your pup trained.  Melissa trained our puppy at fur months and it has really helped.  She is now 18 months.  Her other classes and doggie daycare are phenomenal!!!! I would recommend this establishment 5 stars. So worth it!!!       Darlene Y. - October 2015 - 5 Star Rating

Melissa is an excellent dog trainer. She gives you the tools to continue your dog training at home. JoZie is so much more focused. Susan L - June 2015 - 5 Star Rating

Turned my bad behaved pups into well behaved pups! So grateful! Cynthia M - June 2015 - 5 Star rating